Month: December 2017

Sex can be fun and full of excitement. But in due course of time, it tends to get mundane. Why must a couple endure bored sex when there are now some exciting new props that can reignite the lost flame?

Sex toys can take your sex life to the next level. These toys can help you both discover new things about each other, and explore the pleasure zones that were previously unknown.

Having said that, these sex toys involve the stimulation, insertion, and connection with the genital and anal area, which by itself is delicate and vulnerable. And so as a couple can continue enjoying and exploring each other’s sexuality, taking care and being safe must never be forgotten. This is especially important in case of sex toys that must be inserted like dildos, vibrators and butt plugs.

Care with sex toys that are inserted:

When it comes to sex toys like love plugs or butt plugs as they are commonly called, safety is essential. This is a toy that can be enjoyed by men and women both. Simply because of the nature of this toy and the fact that it is inserted into the anus, one needs to take full care.

Firstly, it is best if each person has a sex toy of their own, and even if you do share the toy, you must consider putting a condom over it. It is important to always wash the butt plus with warm water and anti-bacterial soap immediately after use. All the lubricant and fecal material need to be cleaned off its surface.

If you are wondering for how long can you leave a butt plugin, it is subjective. You can insert it for anything right from 30 minutes to a few hours, or as long as you want to feel the pleasures. However, it is advisable to remove the butt plug every couple of hours, reapply the lubrication before inserting it again. This way you can stay safe and enjoy at the same time.…


Dating is very important for all, not just for making love but for a better understanding about each other. These dates would pave way for better and final decision about whether to come closer in a relationship or just move apart and be friends. The first thing that comes to our mind, when we talk about dating is the sexual relationship, but not all dates be necessarily of this type and dating does not necessarily mean this. Dates can also be more formal and friendly wherein a person gets to understand and read the other person and try matching him or her with the interests and choices of the other.

And again dates are not just for a girl and a boy, it can also be for a man and woman who are legally into a marriage relationship. Now there are a few things that could really make things better on a date and this is one beautiful night that is going to set things right in a person`s life which has been under troubles for long. Here are few ideas that could make your spouse fall for you.

  • Speak to her about how you could expand your family. Take her concern in getting into the idea of a bigger family; guess this is one best thing that a woman would ever get.
  • Surprise her with love bands that could remind and keep each one of you closer to each other. Necklaces for your girlfriend or spouse are another great choice.
  • Cook for her, make the night a memorable and lovable one for her; do things that she likes; spend sometime talking to each other that would strengthen you relationship and at such times try to reveal all the secrets about your life to the other because relationship cannot be built without transparency. Try to build up trust and faith in each other which is the base for everything.