Month: March 2018

Marriage is a lifelong commitment to each other. This is not a blood relationship. This is not something that you have to tolerate as you are related to each other. This is a bond of love and needs to be nurtured throughout your life and you should make it your top priority.

Every couple must understand that زواج comes first and children come afterward. Obviously, the parents love their children unconditionally and they sacrifice their lives for their offspring and yet the fact remains that marriage is the most important relationship that humans have created and this bond should be given the due importance to make it last.

The most important aspect of mutual love and respect is to accept each other without prejudice and malice. You cannot equate and keep account of everything that you do for each other. There has to be a balance in a relationship. But this cannot extend to chores or love or your love for each other. You cannot, for example, say that last time I said that I loved her so this time she should say it first. A person may be more vocal and the other may not be so expressive. As long as you know that you both love each other, accept the faults along with the features that you love about each other.

Be honest and truthful and yet try not to say very hurtful things. These are difficult to forget and forgive easily. Say thanks and sorry for hesitation and keep expressing love as often as you can. There are things that couple like to do together, like watching movies or going trekking. So do this as often as possible to spend time together.

Be tolerant and do not expect too much from each other. Remember that the couple should consider the partner as the most important person in his life and other people and their needs should come afterward.Fight for each other, not with each other.

Marriage needs continual effort and commitment and hard work. ‘Happily ever after’ is a dream that you can fulfill only if both of you both put all your efforts with all your heart and soul. It is not that difficult either if the couple remembers that they married for love and that is the most important thing.…


Dating is a common trend these days and we find all boys and girls going on a date. There are many misconceptions about dating and people think and believe that it is just a fabricated name given to the concept of living together. But this need not necessarily be this way because a dating means differently to different people. But here we are going to talk about people, boys, and girls who are very serious about getting into a relationship and thus begin their love life with a date.

Such people generally come under the beginner`s group. It is very important that these people take necessary cautions and understandings before they get into the act. This is even more important for the boys because it is them who come up with many problems. The first and the most common one is the stunted penis. Yes, many feel that they lack the proper and average penis size and hence become poor performers on the bed. But the reality is any sized penis can actually work great unless and until it is really puny in size. Yes, it is this situation that should actually make you nervous because there is seriously some problem with your cock and you need to get it analyzed by a doctor for a suitable remedy.

The most common advice would be to go on a healthy diet or some simple treatments that would help improve the size naturally. For people who actually have a good size but still feel that it can be made better, there are some easy to take enhancement pills which are safe and are clinically proven. People have used such prescribed pills and have experienced and enjoyed better and enhanced relationships with full satisfaction and complete joy. So try one of these for best results under the able guidance and you will be a man again everywhere.…

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