Dating Advice From Beautiful Women

Going on a date with the woman of your dreams? Or are you in pursuit of that special woman and are hoping this would be the one? If you are dating a beautiful woman, you would be learning a number of things to impress her and ensure she stays. Apart from a large amount of beauty info, you need other advice too.

Here is some advice on dating, from other beautiful women:

Pay Attention

Just because a woman is beautiful, you cannot pay attention only to her looks. Pay attention to her as a person. Treat her with respect and care for the person she is and not just the way she looks. We women can figure out when you are focused on our looks and when you are focusing on us.

Little Details

When you care about and pick on little details, it impresses us. What may seem insignificant to others may be very important to the woman you are dating. When you pay attention to it and put in the effort to ensure her needs are met, she will know you really care.


Always appreciate the person you are with. If you fail to do so, you may be regretting for a long time to come, when that person leaves you. If she is good at something, never hesitate to pay her a compliment. She may be a head chef at a restaurant and might be getting raving reviews for her dishes. But when she cooks something special for you, ensure you appreciate not only the food but the gesture also. This appreciation will mean more to her than her customers’.

Make Her comfortable

Ensure she is comfortable at all times. You need not go out of your way every time, but checking if the temperature is ok or if she is comfortable in the crowded restaurant, will show her you care about her and want to keep her comfortable at all times.